I.Choose the correct answer

1. The ruler ofroad regulations came into effect from

a) 1989            b) 1990            c) 1998

2) Pedestrians cancross the road

a) anywhere     b) near the signals c) at zebra crossing

3) Every year,first week of is celebrated as Road safety week

a) December    b) January       c) March

4) For emergencycall __________ for ambulance service

a) 108              b) 100              c) 106

II.Fill in the blanks

1. Drivers shoulddrive their vehicles on the left side of the road.

2. Road safety cellwas set up in September 1986.

3. The trafficlight Red color indicates stop.

4. Read signals areclassified into __________ types.

1. Accidents occurdue to personal factors and environmental fields.

2. Driver shouldavoid the sound in Silence zones.

3. National roadsafety policies are prepared by the ministry of surface transport.

4. Persons below 18years of age should not be permitted to drive vehicles.

5. Annually 1.1lakhs people die in road accidents in India.

III.Match the following

1. Orange  Footpath
2. Pedestrians  Telephone
3. Information sign  Traffic police
4. Hand signal  Get ready

IV.Answer the following

1.Mention the importance of Road safety.

i) Safety is moreimportant in everyone’s life.

ii) So knowledgeabout road rules and safety methods are more important for everyone.

2.Draw and explain the traffic lights.

A traffic light,traffic signal or a stop light is a signaling device positioned at a roadintersection to indicate when it is safe to cross through. The traffic signalspass on its information using a universal colour.

3.Write few road safety rules.

i) Don’t use themobile while driving.

ii) Use seat beltwhile driving

iii) Don’t drinkand drive

iv) Always adhereto speed limit

v) Pedestriansshould walk continuously.

4.Name the documents that a person driving a vehicle should possess.

A person driving avehicle should carry with him the driving license, certificate of registration,certification of taxation and certification of Insurance of the vehicle.

II.Answer the following detail

1.Explain the Importance road safety rules.

i) Drivers shoulddrive their vehicles on the left side of the road.

ii) Overtaking maybe avoiding as far as possible.

Causingat road Junction

i) The driver of amotor vehicle should slow down when approaching a road intersection, Pedestriancrossing or a road corner.

ii) Fire servicevehicles and ambulances must be given free passage.

Taking“U” Turn

i) No driver shalltake a “U” turn is prohibited. The “U” turn facility can be availed only on theallowed turnings.

ii) Directionindicator should be used while taking a “U” turn.


a) Signals to begiven by drivers appropriately, as when he is about to slow down.

b) When is about toturn to the right or left.

c) When he is aboutto stop

Oneway Traffic

i) Drivers shouldnot drive on road declared as “One way”. Drive one channelized road (lanetraffic)

ii) Where roads aremarked as lenses for movement, the drivers should drive with in the lane andchange of the lane only the after giving proper signals.


i) Drivers of thevehicles should not use the sound of the horn needlessness or continuously ormore than necessary to ensure safety.

ii) Drivers shouldavoid sound of the horn in the silence zones.

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