Class 10 Science

 Why is there a demand for Class 10 Science Tuition?

Class 10 board examinations are probably your first attempt at a formal nationwide exam. Not only does scoring well become necessary, but understanding the concepts also becomes equally important as the class 10 Science curriculum lays the foundation for everything you’ll study in your final years of school education, especially if you wish to pursue the field of Science in the coming years.


However, scoring in Science can become difficult due to the diversity in topics across Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This is where our expert educators can help!


We hire quality CBSE science teachers from all over the country, which means that there is no language barrier. Study with us whenever you want, wherever you want.


Our customisable curriculum also caters to other educational boards, including the ICSE board and various state boards. No matter how diverse your educational requirements, we provide the best class 10 Science online tuition classes.


Our professionals cover the entire class 10 science syllabus CBSE, which includes:

  • Chemical Reactions And Equations

  • Acids, Bases, And Salts

  • Metals And Non-Metals

  • Carbon And Its Compounds

  • Periodic Classification Of Elements

  • Life Processes

  • Control And Coordination

  • How Do Organisms Reproduce?

  • Heredity And Evolutiony

  • Light - Reflection And Refraction

  • The Human Eye And The Colourful World

  • Electricity

  • Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current

  • Sources Of Energy

  • Our Environment

  • Sustainable Management Of Natural Resources


Why Hire Us?

·                     Every Student Gets The Personal Attention Of The Teacher With Our Live One-On-One Tutoring Sessions, As Opposed To Group Tutoring Classes.

·                     Get Access To The Best Class 10 Science Online Tuition Classes In The Country.

·                     Elite Faculty With Years Of Teaching Experience In Their Respective Academic Fields.

·                     We Have Tutors Associated With Us From All Parts Of The Country. We Match You With The Tutors That Are Most Suited To Your Educational Background And Requirements, Which Means There Is No Language Barrier! Study In The Language You Wish To.

·                     24x7 Assistance For The Students So That No Student Gets Stuck At Any Point.

·                     Regular Homework And Assignments Are Provided, Along With Comprehensive Feedback On Your Answers.

·         Shortcut Problem-Solving Approaches That Can Help You Save Some Precious Time During Examinations Are Also Explained.

·                     Specific Exam Preparation Techniques And Strategies For All The Different School And Competitive Examinations Are Focused Upon.

·                     Special Doubt Clearing And Revision Sessions Are Organised As Per Your Requirements So That You Get A Thorough Understanding Of All Class 10 General Science Topics.

·                     We Allow You To Customise Your Curriculum According To Your Individual Needs. This Makes Our Tutoring Sessions Relevant For Students Across All Educational Boards, Including The ICSE Board And Various State Boards.

·                     The Scheduling And The Timing Of Your Classes Can Also Be Customised At Your Convenience. No Rigid Schedules.

·                     We Give You FREE Demo Sessions To Get An Insight Into The Functioning Of A Class Conducted By A Subject Matter Expert.

·                     Regular Assessment, Tracking, And Evaluation Of All Your Academic Performances Is Done To Ensure Your Consistent Academic Progress.

·                     Student-Friendly Pricing That Does Not Become A Burden On You And Your Parents.

·                     Allows You To Navigate Through The Uncertainty Of Offline Education. An Offline Class May Get Stopped At Any Point, But There Is No End To Online Classes. Stay Safe, Learn From The Comfort Of Your Homes, And Play Your Part In Fighting COVID.


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