The First World War A.D. 1914 – A.D. 1918

I. Choosethe correct answer:

1. “Germany alone was competent torule the whole world” said by Kaiser William II

2. Kaiser William II stationed a fleetat  Heligoland

3. France wanted to get back Alsaceand Loraine

4. Austrian Crown prince was FrancisFerdinand

5. Austria declared war on Serbia on 28thJuly 1914

6. Germany invaded France by crossing Belgium

7. Turkey extended her support to the Centralpowers

8. This expedition was an utterfailure for the British Dardanelles expedition

9. The famous American merchant shipsunk by Germany Lusitania

10. In Russia the Czarist governmentwas over thrown by Lenin

11. German battle cruiser wasdestroyed in the battle of Dogger bank

12. Germany sued for peace on November11, 1918

13. The First World war came to an endby the Paris Peace Conference

14. The League of Nations wasofficially founded in January 20, 1920

II. Matchthe following:

1. Clemenceau  France
2. Orlando  Italy
3. Lloyd George  Britain
4. Woodrow Wilson  America
5. Kaiser William II  Germany
1. Treaty of Versailles  Germany
2. Treaty of Trianon  Hungary
3. Treaty of Neuilly  Bulgaria
4. Treaty of Sevres  Turkey
5. Treaty of Germaine  Austria

III.Answer the following briefly:

1.Why did Germany need colonies?

Germany needed colonies not only as asign of her world importance but also for her growing population.

2.Write a note on Moroccan problem.


  • France invaded morocco but it was opposed byKaiser William’s II
  • He wants to declare morocco as aninternational colony
  • He sent two war ships “berlin and panther”
  • When Britain intervened Germany withdrew itswarships and wanted to have revenge Britain.

3.What was the immediate cause of the First World War?

Theimmediate cause of the First World War

  • In June 28, 1914 Austrian crown prince FrancisFerdinand and his wife Isabella were assassinated by a Serbian lad.
  • Austria sent an ultimatum to Serbia withhumiliating terms.
  • Serbia ignored the ultimatum, Austria declaredwar on Serbia on 28th July 1914.

4.Explain war in the Eastern Front.

  • Germany invaded France by crossing Belgium
  • British and French were not able to stop theadvance of German army
  • Both the armies dug trenches and fought fromthem

5.Write a short note on war on the sea.

  • The British navy commanded the North Sea.
  • Mediterranean Sea was dominated by the Frenchand Italian navy.
  • German battle cruiser was destroyed by theBritish. In the Battle of Dogger bank
  • German could not break the naval blockade ofBritain, it used submarines to sink the ships of the Allies.

6.Why did America enter into First World War?

Americaenter into First World War

  • In 1917, Germany drowned four merchant shipsof America, including Lusitania with her submarines.
  • More than hundred Americans died.
  • This incident made American president WoodrowWilson angry.
  • On the 6th April 1917 Woodrow Wilson declaredwar on Germany.

7.Mention any two terms of the Treaty of Versailles.

Terms ofthe Treaty of Versailles

  • The covenant of the League of Nations wasdrawn up.
  • A huge was imposed on Germany.
  • Her army was reduced.
  • The city of Danzig was internationalized.

8.Write any two fundamental principles of the League of Nations.

Fundamentalprinciples of the League of Nations:-

  • It should improve the unity among nations andsecurity in the world.
  • The member nations of the League shouldrespect and safeguard without indulging in acts of aggression.
  • The member nations should solve the problemsthrough the League of Nations.

9.What are the organs of the League of Nations?

Organs ofthe League of Nations:-

  • The General Assembly
  • The Council
  • The Secretariat
  • An International Court of Justice
  • International Labour Organization

10.List out any two causes for the failure of the League of Nations.

Two causesfor the failure of the League of Nations

  • The Americans wanted to be the leader not themember . This is like a building without deep foundation
  • The member were permitted go out at any time
  • Japan captured Manchuria in 1931, the leagueopposed it. Japan resigned from the league

Causes forthe failure of the League of Nations:-

IV. Answerall the questions given under each heading:


[a] Whowas the ruler of Germany during First World War?

Kaiser William II

[b] Whatdid he believe?

Germany could believe that his countryalone was competent to rule the whole world.

[c] Whatcould not be tolerated by him?

He could not tolerate the Britishsaying that the sun never sets in the British Empire.

[d] Wheredid he station a fleet?

Heligoland in North Sea


[a] Namethe Balkan countries.

Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece andMontenegro.

[b] Howdid the First Balkan war come to an end?

By the treaty of London

[c] Whydid the other Balkan countries declare war on Bulgaria?

Dispute arose between Serbia andBulgaria in sharing the spoils of the war.

[d] Whatwas the result of the Second Balkan war?

Bulgaria was defeated and Serbiagained more territories.

Turkey and Bulgaria approached Germanyto regain their territories.


[a] Whendid Austria annex Bosnia and Herzegovina?

In 1908

[b] Whowas the Austrian Crown prince?

Francis Ferdinand

[c] Whathappened to him?

Francis Ferdinand and his wifeIsabella were assassinated by a Serbia lad at Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia

[d] Whatdid Austria do?

Austria sent an ultimatum to Serbiaignored the ultimatum.

Austria declared war on Serbia on 28July 1914


[a] Givethe duration of the First World War.

The First World War began in July, 281914 and lasted till November 11, 1915.

[b] Whowere called Central Powers?

The countries which were on the sideof Germany were called as the central powers.

[c] Whowere called the Allies?

Those on the side of British as theallies.

[d] Whatwere used in the war?

Artillery, tanks and submarines wereused in the war.


[a] Whendid Turkey enter the war?

In October 1914

[b] Whywas it considered a terrible blow?

Turkey entered the war extending hersupport to the central powers. This was a terrible blow because communicationbetween Russia and allies were cut off.

[c] Whydid Britain want to capture Gallipoli Peninsula?

The British made an attempt to captureGallipoli peninsula with a view of controlling the Dardanelles and capturingConstantinople.

[d] Whatwere the results of Dardanelles expedition?

The Dardanelles expedition was onutter failure.


[a] Howwere the terms of the treaties drafted?

It was on the fourteen points putforward by President Woodrow Wilson the terms of the treaties were drafted.

[b] Whatdid Germany surrender to France?

Germany surrendered Alsace andLorraine to France.

[c] Wherewas monarchy abolished?

Monarchy was abolished in Germany,Russia, Austria and Turkey.

[d] Namethe New Republics.

Czechoslovakia, Poland.


[a] Namethe organizations which were found before the League of Nations.

The League of Nations society (1915),the world league for peace (1917), the league of free nation association (1918)and the league nations union.

[b] Wherewas the League of Nations headquarters situated?

Geneva in Switzerland

[c] Howshould the Member Nations solve the problems?

The member nations should solve theproblems arising among themselves only through the League of Nations. Theyshould wait at least three months to year from the League of Nations.

[d] Whendid Japan capture Manchuria?

In 1931


1. How can we say that the Balkanproblem led to the First World War?

The Balkanproblem led to the First World War

  • The Balkancountries like Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and Montenegro proclaimedtheir independence from the Ottoman Empire.
  • In 1912the Balkan countries declared war on Turkey. This is known as First Balkan war.
  • Turkey wasdefeated. The war came to an end by the Treaty of London.
  • Disputearose between Serbia and Bulgaria in sharing the spoils of the war.
  • In 1913,Bulgaria was defeated and Serbia gained more territories.
  • Turkey andBulgaria approached Germany to regain their territories. It resulted in thewar.

2. What were the results of the FirstWorld War?

Theresults of the First World War

  • Thecovenant of the League of Nations was drawn up.
  • A huge warindemnity was imposed on Germany.
  • Her armywas reduced.
  • Theoverseas possessions of Germany were divided among the victorious nations.
  • It causedinestimable loss of property and human lives.
  • The cityof Danzig was internationalized.
  • Germany surrendered Alsace and Lorraine toFrance the Saar Coal field to France for 15 years.

3. What were the achievements ofLeague of Nations?

Achievementsof the League of Nations:-

  • It avoideda war between Greece and Bulgaria over the border disputes.
  • It settleda dispute between Greece and Italy over the island of Corfu.
  • It solveda border issue between Peru and Columbia.
  • It Leagueprevented the spread of many diseases.
  • Itattempted to raise the standard o Education in various states.
  • It wholeheartedly promoted cultural co-operation among the nations.
  • Theinternational Court of Justice handled more than thirty cases.

4 Enumerate the causes for the failureof League of Nations.

Causes forthe failure of the League of Nations:-

  • Thepowerful nation wanted to be a leader but not become a member.
  • The memberwere permitted to go out of League.
  • In 1931Japan captured Manchuria League protested against this, Japan resigns from theLeague.
  • It did nothave a permanent force or army.
  • The riseof dictatorship in Italy, Japan and Germany weakened the League.
  • Thestatesman who dominated League were called by some as “Geneva Conference ofFools”.
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