Second World War A.D. 1939 – A.D. 1945

I. Choosethe correct answer:

1. This treaty contained the seeds ofthe Second World War. Treaty of Versailles

2. The coal mines given to France wereSaar

3. The country emerged as a worldpower after the First World War was Japan

4. The principles of war and conquestswas glorified by Dictators

5. In September 1938 Hitler threateneda war on Czechoslovakia

6. Hitler demanded the surrender of Danzig

7. Blitzkrieg means a Lightning war

8. The British Prime Minister duringthe Second World war was Sir Winston Churchill

9. Hitler signed the Non-AggressionPact with Stalin

II. Matchthe following

1. Scorched Earth Policy  Russia
2. “U” Boats  German Submarines
3. Luftwaffe  Germany
4. Royal Air Force  England
5. Atlantic Charter  F.D. Roosevelt

III.Answer the following in brief:

1. How do you say that Spirit ofNationalism is one of the causes for the Second World War?

  • The concepts like Germany for Germans, Italyfor Italians which emphasized nationalism.
  • Germany boosted the superiority of German raceon the earth.

2. How did Japan sow the seeds forSecond World War?

Japan sowthe seeds for Second World War

  • Japan emerged as a World power after the FirstWorld War.
  • The industrial development and economic growthforced Japan to follow the policy of imperialism.
  • It signed Rome-Berlin-Tokyo axis.

3. Has Munich Pact brought peace forsome time? How?

  • Yes, the Munich agreement brought peace forsix months
  • The pact was signed between Germany andBritain, Hitler was permitted to use Sudetenland and not to annexCzechoslovakia, and he followed for six month and violated it by annexing the
  • Czechoslovakia.

4. What was the immediate cause of theSecond World War?

Theimmediate cause of the Second World War

  • In 1939, Hitler demanded from Poland the rightto construct a military road connecting East Prussia and demanded the surrenderof Danzig.
  • When Poland refused, Hitler made a lighteningattack on Poland known as Blitzkrieg on 1, September 1939.

5. Write a note on the Scorched EarthPolicy.

TheScorched Earth Policy

  • On June 22, 1941, Hitler invaded Russia,stalled the German (army) at the gates of Moscow.
  • Stalin has planned to evacuate the city,decided to stay and rally the city.
  • Russians followed the Scorched Earth Policy,set fire to crops, roads, railways, factories and even houses.
  • Germans could not gain anything.
  • Germans were able to capture the empty city ofMoscow.
  • Germans retreated in January, 1944.

6. Write a note on Battle of Britain.

Battle ofBritain

  • Hitler turned his attention to Britain.
  • His “U” boats (Sub marines) and Luftwaffe (Airforce) continuously bombed London and torpedoed many British ships in 1940.
  • This is called the Battle of Britain.
  • British suffered heavy losses at first butturned the air strike against Germany.

7. Why did America declare war onJapan?

Americadeclare war on Japan

  • The Japanese had attacked American fleetstationed at Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941.
  • This attack forced the Americans to enter intothe war. The very next day the USA declared war on Japan.

IV. Answerall the questions given under each caption


[a] Name the treaty signed by Japan,Italy and Germany.

Rome- Berlin-Tokyo axis.

[b] Mention some of the ideologiesthat emerged after the First World war.

After the First World War, the Worldwas witnessed the rise of new ideologies such as Democracy, Communism, Fascismand Nazism.

[c] What was the policy followed bythe Statesmen of the major world powers?

Policy of Appeasement.

[d] What did Hitler preach?

Germany Nationalist party (Nazi) party,preached a racist brand of Nazism.


[a] Mention the year of operationBarbaressa.

In 1941.

[b] What was the wish of Hitler?

Hitler despised communism and wishedto destroy in the land of its birth.

[c] What did he order?

Hitler ordered a large attack on theYugoslavia and Greek.

[d] When did the Axis countries bringthe Balkans under their control?

By the End of April.


[a] Where did a big American andBritish force land?


[b] With whom did they join?

They were joined by the secretunderground French forces.

[c] What did Hitler do?

He committed suicide.

[d] When did America drop atom bomb onHiroshima and Nagasaki?

America dropped atom bombs on thecities of Hiroshima on August 6, and Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.


[a] Who occupied Japan?

Japan was occupied by American forcesunder General Mc. Arthur.

[b] Namethe two super powers that emerged after the Second World war.

America and Russia emerged as SuperPowers.

[c] Mention some of the countrieswhich got independence after the war.

India, Burma, Egypt, Ceylon and Malayafought for their freedom and won their freedom from Britain, Philippines fromAmerica. Indo-China from France and Indonesia from the Dutch got their independence.

[d] Why was UNO set up?

The United Nations Organization wasset up to maintain International cooperation and for the promotion humanwelfare.

V. Answerthe following in a paragraph:

1. Write any five causes for theoutbreak of Second World War.

Causes forthe Second World War:-

Treaty ofVersailles:-

  • Germany was levied a huge war indemnity.
  • The rich Saar coal mine was given to Francefor 15 years.
  • Her army was reduced.
  • All these humiliating terms against Germanyresulted in the Second World War.

Spirit ofNationalism:-

The concepts like Germany for Germans,Italy for Italians which led to tension. Germany boosted the superiority ofGerman race.

Failure ofLeague of Nations:-

League of Nations failed in future andto maintain international peace and security.

Rise ofJapan:-

Japan emerged as a World power afterthe First World War. It signed Rome-Berlin-Tokyo axis. It sowed the seeds forSecond World War.

Rise ofDictatorship:-

The rise of new ideologies such asDemocracy, Communism, Fascism and Nazism which glorified the principles of thewar.


  • In 1939, Hitler demanded from Poland the rightto construct a military road connecting East Prussia and also demanded thesurrender of Danzig.
  • When Poland refused, Hitler made a lighteningattack on Poland known as Blitzkrieg on 1, September 1939.

2. Write a paragraph on Soviet attackand the Battle of Britain.

The Battleof Britain 1940:-

  • Hitlerturned his attention to Britain.
  • His “U”boast (Sub marines) and Luftwaffe (Air force) continuously bombed London andtorpedoed many British ships in 1940.
  • This iscalled the Battle of Britain.
  • Britishsuffered heavy losses at first but turned the air strike against Germany.

ScorchedEarth Policy:-

  • On June22, 1941 Hitler invaded Russia, stalled the German (army) at the gates ofMoscow.
  • Stalin hadplanned to evacuate the city, decided to stay and rally the city.
  • Germanscould not gain anything.
  • Germanswere able to capture the empty city of Moscow.
  • Germansretreated in January, 1944.

3. What were the results of the SecondWorld War?

Results ofthe war:-

  • Thedestruction to life and property was on a much larger.
  • Over 50Million were lost their lives.
  • It soundedthe death knell to dictatorship in Germany and Italy.
  • Germanywas divided into two:-
  • WestGermany controlled by Britain, France, and America.
  • EastGermany controlled by Russia.
  • At the endof the war Japan was occupied by American forces under General Mc Arthur.
  • Americaand Russia emerged as Super powers.
  • A cold warstarted between Russian and America.
  • India,Burma, Egypt, Ceylon and Malaya fought for their freedom and won their freedomfrom Britain.
  • TheEuropean countries gave up the policy of Colonialism and Imperialism.
  • The UnitedNations Organisation was set up to maintain international peace and harmony.
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