I.Choose the correct answer:

1. The Earth isinclined at an angle of —— degree

23 1/2

2. Rotation resultin ———

Day and Night changes

3. In a leap yearsFebruary has ————- days.


II.Answer the following:

1. Why does day andnight changes happen?

Ø Theearth takes approximately 23 hours and 56 minutes for one rotation on its axis.

Ø Thismovement is called rotation.

Ø Itcauses day and night.

2. When it issummer in the northern hemisphere, why it is winter in the southern hemisphere?

§ Theseasons are not same everywhere on the earth.

§ Ifit is summer in the northern hemisphere, it is winter in the southernhemisphere.

§ Andif it is summer in the southern hemisphere, winter in the northern hemisphere.

§ Hencethere is reversal of the seasons.

3. Why do the poleshave six months of day and six months of night?

§ Theinclination of the Earth’s axis not only causes seasonal changes but there issomething amazing about it.

§ Atthe poles there are six months continuous daylight and six months of continuousdarkness.

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