I.Choose the correct answer:

1. Pre historicmeans.

Period having no written evidence

2. Old Stone Age

Wore leaves barks of trees and skin ofanimals

3. The first animaltamed by primitive man was


II.Fill in the blanks:

1. The early man——————depending on nature.

Lived by

2. To know truthsof ancient period we must read ————-


3. The Old StoneAge man used ————-stone


4. The primitiveage is ————- than the ancient period.


5. We must read———————–to know about primitive age.

Archeological evidence

6. The period whenthe tools were made up of iron was called ———–

Iron Age

7. New Stone Ageman use —————– to make pots.


III.Match the following:

1. Tamil Nadu – Athirampakkam

2. Andhra Pradesh – Karnool

3. Madhya Pradesh – Pimpit – Ca

4. Karnataka – Paghalkhat

IV.Answer the following:

1. What is history?

Historyis tells about the people who lived in the past with the evidence according tothe age.

2. List theevidence to know about history.

v Food habits

v Custom

v Culture

v Historical notes

v Copper plates

v Palm leaves

v Stone edicts

v Literary works

3. What do you meanby Pre historic period?

Thething that belongs to the period ruins, fossils, horn, and bones of theanimals, tools made of stones and skulls.

Withhelp of these we know about the pre historic period of India.

4. What are thefour classification of the pre historic period?

· Paleolithic age –old age.

· Neolothic age – newage.

· Chalcolithic age –copper age.

· Iron age – ironage.

5. What are thedresses of the early man?

Earlyman wore dresses mad out of leaves, skin of the the animals and barks of thetrees.

6. Write a shortnote on New Stone age?

Thenext stage in the evolution of man is known as New Stone age.

Duringthe age he used to polish curved sharp stone and weapons in this period. Hestarted to produce food and wheel was invented.

Asa result of this he was able to transports things from one place to anotherplace easily.

Withthe help of wheels he made pots.

7. Draw and compareany four tools of Old Stone Age and new Stone Age

Old stone age New stone age
They used stone, branches of trees and bone and horn of the animals to hunt animals. They used axes, handle made out of bone fishing hooks needle and chopper to hunt animals.

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