1. Five Year plan in India wasborrowed from Soviet Russia

2. Eleventh Five Year Plan Period is 2007-2012

3. Chairman of Planning commission ofIndia is Prime Minister of India

4. Planning Commission of India wassetup in the year 1950

5. Nehru decided that India would be aMixed Economy

6. Green Revolution was introduced inthe year 1967

7. Bhoodan Movement was started by AcharyaVinobhabhave

8. Which year has a specialsignificance in Indian Economy? 1991

9. The organization which isresponsible for research and development in the area of Satellite andCommunication is ISRO

10. As per 2001 census the literacyrate in India is 64.8%

II. Shortanswer:

1.Write any three objectives of Eleventh Five year plan.

Objectivesof Eleventh Five year plan

  • To reducethe subsidies in power, fertilizer.
  • Promotingagricultural research.
  • To ensureenvironmental protection.
  • Largeremployment opportunities.
  • To developrural infrastructure.

2.Write a note on Green Revolution.


Green revolution was introduced in theyear 1967.

The Indian Council of AgriculturalResearch (ICAR) introduced high Yielding Variety (HYV) seeds

Increase the agricultural productionwith improved irrigation facilities.

3.What is Mixed Economy?

Mixed economy in which public andprivate sectors would co exists.

4.What is Multi National Corporation?

Multi-National Corporations (MNC) arebusiness firms operating in several countries but centrally managed from one(home) country.

5.Write a note on cottage Industries.

Cottage industries are householdindustries depending on local market and production is of primitive methods.Example: – Coir industries.

6.Write a note on Liberalization

Liberalization means movement towardsa free market system.

Withdrawal of regulation andrestrictions.

Private sectors are encouraged toenter into core industries.

7.What is Privatization?

Privatization means transforming alleconomic activities from public sector to private sector. It refers to thesetting up of private units in public utility services.

8.What do you mean by Globalization?

Globalization means country draw rawmaterials from any source of the world and manufacture goods and services.Finished goods find a place in global market is the linkage of nation’s marketswith global markets.


1.Write down the Objectives of Eleventh Five year plan.

ObjectivesEleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012):-

Increasing the public investment inirrigation, rural electrification and rural roads.

  • To reducethe subsidies in power, fertilizer.
  • Promotingagricultural research.
  • To ensureenvironmental protection.
  • Largeremployment opportunities.
  • To developrural infrastructure.
  • To abolishpoverty.
  • To reducethe dropout rate in primary schools

2.Explain Green Revolution.

  • Greenrevolution was introduced in the year 1967.
  • The IndianCouncil of Agricultural Research (ICAR) introduced high Yielding Variety (HYV)seeds to increase the agricultural production with improved irrigationfacilities.


  • Thegovernment initiated land reform measures like land ceiling and tenancylegislation.
  • TheBhoodhan movement started by Vinobhavbhave deserves a mention.
  • Throughthe Bhoodhan movement millions of acres of land were received from thelandlords and distributed to the landless poor.

HighYielding Variety seeds program:-

  • The greenrevolution largely means increasing production by the use of High YieldingVariety seeds.
  • Thisenabled India to achieve self-sufficiency in food grain production.
  • The creditgoes to Indian Council of Agriculture Research in India particularly Ludhiana,Pantnagar (UP) and Coimbatore.

3.Explain Economic Reforms of 1991.

EconomicReforms of 1991:-

  • The year1991 has a special significance in the Indian economy.
  • The economicreforms aimed at rapid industrialization.

Multi-NationalCorporations (MNC):-

  • Multi-Nationalcorporations (MNC) are business firms operating in several countries butcentrally managed from one (home) country.


  • Cottageindustries are household industries depending on local market and production isof primitive methods. Example: – Coir industries.


  • Liberalizationmeans movement towards a free market system.
  • Withdrawalof regulation and restrictions.
  • Privatesectors are encouraged to enter into core industries.


  • Privatizationmeans transforming all economic activities from public sector to privatesector. It refers to the setting up of private units in public utilityservices.


  • Globalizationmeans country draw raw materials from any source of theworld and manufacture goods and services. Finished goods find a place in globalmarket is the linkage of nation’s markets with global markets.

4.Explain the various Power Programs in Tamil Nadu

Theimportant power stations in Tamil nadu are listed below:-


Thermal power stations are in Ennore,Tuticorin, Mettur, Basin Bridge and Neyveli.


Hydel power stations are in Mettur,Kundah, Periyar Dam, Kothayar Dam, Pykara, Singara and Moyar.


Atomic power stations are in Kalpakkamand Koodangulam.


It is a non-conventional form ofenergy. The wind mills are situated in Coimbatore, Kanyakumari, Tuticorin,Ramanathapuram and Tirunelveli.


This is another kind ofnon-conventional energy. This kind of electricity is produced in Namakkal andDharmapuri Districts.

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