Remote Sensing

I. Choose the correct answer: 1. Maps created by using aerial photographs are called ___ maps Ortho photo 2. The Object under study is known as _________ Target 3. The device to detect the Electro Magnetic Radiation is _____ Sensor Read more

Environmental Issues

I. Choose the correct answer: 1. Natural Nutrient enrichment of streams and lakes is Eutrophication 2. The main cause for natural air pollution Volcanic eruption 3. Contamination of air is called Air pollution II. Answer the following questions: 1. What Read more


I. Choose the correct answer: 1. India experiences Tropical Monsoon Climate 2. The coastal areas enjoy Equable 3. The place that gets rain from Western disturbance is Punjab 4. The mountains which lie parallel to the direction of the Southwest Read more


I. Choose the correct answer: 1. The surrounding in which organisms live and interact is called Environment. 2. The process of clearing the forests by human is called as Deforestation. 3. The process by which eco system species become extinct Read more


I. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER: 1. Primitive method of trade was known as barter system. 2. Trade decides the economic growth of a country. 3. In Tamil Nadu domestic trade is effectively handled between districts. 4. Virudhunagar district exports crackers. Read more


I. CHOOSE IT 1. During industrial revolution production became faster 2. England is birth place of the industrial revolution. 3. Great Britain is an Island 4. Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney 5. In 1830 the first passenger railway Read more


I. Choose the correct answer: 1. Tea, coffee, rubber, pepper and cashew are plantation crops 2.  Agriculture is the primary traditional occupation 3.  Dry farming type of farming is known as manavari in Tamil Nadu. 4.  Well type of irrigation Read more


I. CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER: 1. Which one of the following is not a factor of soil formation-inorganic matter 2. Biotic resources are those obtained from the –biosphere 3. Time determines thickness of soil profile 4. Medicinal herbs are commonly Read more


I. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER: 1. Tamil Nadu has tropical climate 2. Tropical cyclones occur during the month of November 3. Teak and ebony belongs to tropical evergreen forest 4. Tamil Nadu receives moderate rainfall during south west monsoon season. Read more


I. Choose the correct answer: 1. kalrayan hills is located in eastern ghats. 2. Doddabetta is the highest peak in Tamil Nadu. 3. The river chittar is an important tributary of Tamirabarani river. 4. The longest river flowing in Tamil Read more

Tamil Nadu Geography

I. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER: 1. Tamil Nadu is the 11th largest state of India. (As regards area) 2. There are 32 districts in Tamil Nadu. 3. Nagapatinam district lies on the east coast. 4. Tamil Nadu lies in the Read more


I. Fill in the blanks 1. The ___________ population puts a lot of pressure on the available resources like land and water. 2. By 2025 ____________ billion people will be affected by severe water scarcity. 3. _____________ affects a large Read more