I. Fill in the blanks 1. The Transcontinental railway links ______________ with Vladivostok. 2. ____________ are the cheap means of transport. 3. Buckingham canal carried goods from Nellore to _______________. II. Choose the correct answer 1. ______________ is a major Read more


I. Fill in the blanks 1. Latin America exports _______________. 2. Rubber and tin are found abundantly in ________________. 3. Industrial countries export ___________ to the less industrial countries. 4. Trade between countries is called ____________. 5. The European country Read more


I. Fill in the blanks: 1. Mining is also known as a ____________ Industry. Ans : Robber 2. Open cast mining is also called__________. Ans : Quarrying 3. Minerals are non – renewable____________. Ans : Resources 4. Mica is used Read more