9th Geography


I. Choose the best answer

1. Kanyakumari has the highest percent of literate in the state.

2. The district which has the lowest density population is Sivagangai.

3. Population in Tamil Nadu has doubled over a period of fifty years from 1951 to 2001.

4. Mountainous region with steep slopes and forest covers supports small population.

II. Match the following

1. The annual growth rate – 1.1%

2. Rural population – 56%

3. Literacy percentage in Tamil Nadu – 73.5%

4. Hindus – 88%

5. Urban population – 44%


1. What are the factors that influence the distribution of population?

  • Plains with suitable climate support a huge population.
  • Coastal plains with mild temperatures and good opportunities for economic activities support huge population.
  • Job opportunities in large towns and cities attract both literates as well as illiterates.
  • Dry regions generally support a small population.

2. What are self help groups?

A self Help Group is a group of women, organized for eradication of poverty. They agree to save regularly and convert their savings into a common fund.

3. Give reasons for considering people as reasons.

People are considered as resources because of their ability to change available natural resources into value added products

4. What is birth rate?


The crude birth rate is the annual number of live births per 1000 people.

5. What are the aims of human resources of human resources management?

It aims at developing person qualities in an individual so that he or she may contribute in a healthier manner for the national and world peace.

6. List the qualities to be developed to be developed by each individual by each individual to live and let others live peacefully.

  • Education
  • Health care
  • Creativity
  • Decision making.


1. Write about the strategies adopted by the government of Tamil Nadu for women empowerment.

Women empowerment includes

  • Women’s senses of self worth;
  • Right to seek and decide upon choices;
  • Right to have access to opportunities and resources;
  • Right to have control on their lives, both within and outside of their homes.

2. Describe about the distribution of population in Tamil Nadu?

Chennai possesses the largest share of 6.96% of the total population of Tamil Nadu.

This is followed by Coimbatore, Vellore and Salem districts.

Perambalur has the least population of 0.069%.