9th History



1.Tamil language has the continuous history of atleast 2500 years.

2. The kalabhras were replaced by the pallavas at kanchi in north Tamil Nadu.

3. The pallava inscription at kudimian malai refers to a Great musician Rudracharya.

4. The pallava gave importantance to Sanskrit.

5. Tholkappiam describes the social condition of the sangam tamils.


1. Pattinam coastal region
2. Panar musician
3. Koothu drama
4. Viraliar dance
5. Mullai forest region


1. Sangam literature

a) Name the two great epics of the sangam literature?

Silapadhikaram , manimegalai

b) How many major epics are there in sangam literature?


c) What are the tamil works that mention war and love?

Ettuthogai and pattupattu

d) Write a note on Bhakti literature?

Thevaram, Thiruvasagam, Divyaprabhandham propogate, Saivaism and Vaishnavism.

2. Sangam society

a) Who were the people of kurinji region?

Kuravar (or) Vedas

b) How was the cultural regions called?


c) Which book throws light on the social condition of the sangam Tamils?


d) What are the five thinais?

Mullai, Marudham, Kurunji, Neidal, Pallai


1. Write a note on Tamil language.

The Tamil language and literature are noted for their antiquity. The sangam poets like Mamulanar belonged to the age of Nandas and Mauryas i.e., 4th century B.C.

2. Name the important temples during the Chola period

The Cholas were ardent saivities who built magnificent temples for Siva, of them Brahadeeswarar Temple, Gangaikondacholapuram.

3. Write a note on Kalabharas.

The Kalabharas are uprooted the Tamil kingdom in the second phase (3rd century A.D TO 6TH CENTURY A.D.). However the Tamil literacy activities continued during their regime too.

4. What were the revenues of Kingdoms?

There was a regular system of revenue administration. Besides the loot form the was excise, tolls duties on salt, periodical gifts and tributes contributed the revenues of king.

5. What is Siddha system of medicine?

Siddha system of medicine was used to cure the diagnosis treatment and also provided pharmalogical details.

6. Write a short note on Sangam music.

The sangam tamil had their own system of music.

The Panar and Vinayar were professional musician and dancer.


1. Explain the administrative system of the people of the sangam age.

  • The sangam age had monarchial government with an absolute monarchy as the head, who had no checks on his authority. However, the king was amendable to the advice of wise men in court.
  • The king’s court known as Avai, Naalavai, Mandram etc. consisted of ministers, generals, high officials, chief queen, heir apparent and junior princess. The king had no standing army. Compulsory a military service was imposed during the time of war. The royal army was categorized into four wings.

2. Write a note on cultural contribution of Cholas.

  • The imperial Cholas developed the style further, elaborate campuses, protected walls, pillared hall, huge tower and multi shrines.
  • All these temples have excellent sculptural representation.
  • The Sittanavasal caves Kailasanadhar temple and Brihadeeswar have the best specimens of paints.
  • The Tamil Nadu had developed their own system of mathematics, time calculation, astronomy and medicinal system.
  • The Chola bronze of image of Nataraja, Siva, Vishnu and other deities have earned the global acclaim.

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