6th History


I. Choose the correct answer:

1. The period of Rig Veda

BC 1500-1000

2. The unit of the currency used during the Rig Vedic Period————-


3. The women who excelled in education in the Later Vedic Period——-


II. Fill in the blanks:

1. The head of the Village was————-


2. Widows ———- was in practice during the Early Vedic Period.


3. Assembly that consisted of the Representatives of the people was —-


4. According to ——– the widows would throw herself into the funeral pyre of her husband.


III. True or False:

1. Sabta Sindu is called the Land of Seven River (True)

2. The commander –in –chief was the senani (True)

3. Widows remarriages was not allowed in Rig Vedic Age. (False)

4. The basic unit of the society was family. (True)

5. Tiger was unknown to the Dravidian. (False)

IV. Match the following:

1. Satamana     – coins

2. Praja            – people of Kingdom

3. Rudra           – shiva

4. Head of Jana              – Rajan

5. Head of visu                – Vishwapathy

V. Answer the following:

1. List the ornaments of the Rig Vedic People.

· Both men and women wore more ornaments

· They wore earrings, necklaces, bangles, anklets.

· And wore bands on their foreheads.

2. What did the Brahmin students learn during the later Vedic period?

The Brahmin students learn in the Gurukul :

· Philosophy

· Logic

· Religion

· Grammar

· Astrology

· Medicine

· Discipline

· Mathematics

· Vedas

· Upanishads

· The royal children alone were taught Danur Veda.

3. Compare and contrast the qualities of the Aryan and the Dravidian Civilization.

Qualities of Dravidian Qualities of Aryan
Main occupation – trade and agriculture Main occupation – Cattle rearing and war
Wore cotton clothes. Wore woollen, cotton and dresses made out of skin of animals.
Important animal bull. They worshipped bull. Important animal cow. They worshipped cow.
Built houses out of burnt bricks. Built houses out of bamboo and clay
Used copper. They did not know the uses of Iron Used Iron
Tiger was known. Tiger was unknown.
Horse was unknown. Used horses.

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