7th History


I.Choose the correct answers

1. The pallavas under Simha Vishnu overtherew the Kalabhras and estabilished their supremacy over Thondaimandalam.

2.Narasimhavarman I assumed the title Vatapikondan.

3. The kallanai across river Cauvery was built by karikalacholan.

4. Parantaka I the son of Aditya I defeated the Pandiya ruler and took up the title Madurai Kondan.

5. The pandiya empire was called Pandiya mandalam.

6. Andal composed Thiruppavai.

II. Fill in the blanks

1 .During the period of Narasimhavarman-I Hieun Tsang visited kanchipuram.

2. Monolithic Rathas are found at Mamallapuram.

3. Kulothunga cholan was called Sungam Thavirtha Cholan.

4. The chola kings were patrons of Saivism.

5. Thiruvasagam was composed by Manickavasagam.

6. The paintings of srivallabha pandya are seen in the Sithannavasal

Cave temples.


1. Ursavai — Village assembly

2. Shore temple — Mamallapuram.

3. Kambar — Ramayana.

4. Brihadeeswara — Tanjore.

5. Megasthenese — Greek writer

6. Katyayana — Sanskrit Grammarian.


1. Write a short note on the origin of the Pallavas.

There is a controversy over the origin of the Pallavas some of the views are they were of Persian origin feudatories of the satavahanas or the natives of Thondaimandalam.

2. Write a note on the administrative divisions of the pallavas.

The pallava region was divided into four divisions namely the Rashtras or Mandalams, Vishayas or Kottams, Nadus and Urs.

3. Mention the sources of informations about the cholas.

Mahabharatha, the inscriptions of Ashoka and the works of Measthenese and Ptolemy are the sources of information about the cholas.

4. Which are the chief centres of the Chola art and architecture?

Thiruchirapalli, SriRangam, Tanjore, Kumbakonam, Chidambaram, Thiruvunnamalai, Trivandrum, Suchindram and Udipi are the chief centres of the chola art.

The vijayalaya choleswaram at Nattramalai, Aivarkoil at kodumbalur, Brahadeeshwara temple are centres of the chola architecture.

5. What do you know about Jatavarman kulasekara Pandya I?

Jatavarman kulassekara-I succeeded his father vikrama pandiya.

He ruled over Madurai, Ramanathapuram, Thirunelveli and Kanyakumarai.

6. Name a few occupations of the Pandiyas.

· Agriculture and trade were their main occupations.

· The agriculturists were called the Boomiputirar.

· The Pandiyas were famous for pearl diving.


1. Discuss the contributions of the Pallavas to art, architecture and fine arts.

Art and Architecture:-

The Pallavas architecture began the Dravidian style of temple architecture.

Its development can be seen in four styles.

Mahendravarman style:-

§ The first style was the Rock cut temples.

§ It was introducing by Mahendravarman-II.

§ This style of temples were excavated at places like Mahendravadi, Mammandur,

§ Dalavanur, Thiruchirapalli, Siyamangalam, Thirukahundrum etc.

Narasimha varman style:

The third style is the structural temples in the Rajasimha style.

Ex. Kailasanatha temple.

Aparajitha varman style:

The last style is also the structural temples continued by the later pallavas.

Fine arts:-

§ The Pallava rulers also paid considerable attention to the fine arts of music and paintings.

§ The Pallava rulers also paid considerable attention to the fine arts of music and paintings.

§ Mahendra Varman assumed the title of Sankiranajati for his mastery in music and the title Chittirakara Puli for his skill in painting.


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