I. Choose the best answer:-

1. India is the _______largest country in the world Seventh.

2. The constitutions of India came into force on 26 Jan 1950.

3. The supreme court of India is at New Delhi.

4. The National song Vande mataram was composed by Bankim Chandra chatterjee.

5. Our national tree is the Banyan tree.


1. The Republic of India is governed in terms of the constitution.

2. The head of the Indian union is The President of India.

3. The loksabha is also called as The lower house.

4. Satyameva jayatee is inscribed in our National Emblem.

5. The National Bird of India is Peacock


1. The president – First citizen of India.

2. The chief minister – Appointed by the Governor.

3. Supreme Court – Guardian of our Constitution

4. National symbol – Unique identification.

5. National Anthem – Rabindranath Tagore.


1. Write about the location of India

· India is bounded by the Himalayan ranges in the north.

· The Indian Ocean in the south,

· The Bay of Bengal in the east,

· Arabian Sea in the west.

· India is entirely situated in the Northern Hemisphere.

2. What are the Qualifications needed for a person to be elected as the president of India?

A person who is the citizen of India.

And not less than 35 years of age can contest the presidential elections.

3. Name some of our National symbols.

v National song — Vande Mataram

v National Animal — Tiger

v National Bird — Peacock

v National flower — Lotus.

4. What is the message given by our National Anthem?

The National Anthem reflects the glory and the greatness of our motherland.

It gives the message of tolerance, unity, integrity and patriotism.

5. What is our National flower noted for?

The National flower noted for its majesty, grandeur, beauty and fragrance.

It denotes unity.


1. Write in detail about the Lok Sabha

Loksabha is also called as the lower house of the parliament.

It consists of memebers who are mostly directly elected by the people on the basis of universal adult suffrage.

The candidate who secures the maximum votes represents his constituency in the lok sabha.

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