Dance General Knowledge

1. Which place did bharatanatyam originate?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

2. Which dance is associated with the personality Rukmini Arundale ?
Answer: Bharatanatyam

3. Which dance is known as the “Ballet of East” ?
Answer: Manipuri

4. Which dance is based on Geethagovindam wrote by Jayadevan ?
Answer: Odissi dance

5. Which place did Kuchipudi dance originate?
Answer: kuchipudi village in Andhra Pradesh

6. Which dance is associated with the personality Siddhendra Yogi ?
Answer: Kuchipudi dance

7. Where did the dance Kathak originate?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

8. What is the total number of classical dances in India ?

Answer: 8

9. Which state has most number of classical dances ?

Answer: Kerala (Kathakali,Mohiniyattam,UP)

10.Which dance form was originated in majuli island ?

Answer: Sattriya

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