Important Facts about Some Metals and Non Metals

1.Zinc Phosphide is used to kill Rats
2.Excess of Copper in human being causes a disease called Wilson
3.Onion and Garlic odour due to Potassium
4.Silver Iodide is used in Artificial Rain.
5.Zeolite is used to remove hardness of Water.
6.Palladium metal is used in aeroplane
7.World Famous Eiffel Tower has steel and cement base.
8.Bones contain about 58% of Calcium Phosphate.
9.Red Phosphorus is used in Match Industry
10.Urea contain 46% of Nitrogen
11.The heaviest element is Osmium.
12.Silver is the best conductor of Electricity.
13.Radon is the Heaviest Gas.
14.During Cooking maxium Vitamin is lost.
15.To avoid Melting of Ice Gelatin is used.
16.Chloroform in Sunlight forms poisionous gas Phosgene
17.For Artificial Respiration mixture of Oxygen and Helium gas cylinder is used.
18.Vinegar contain 10% acetic acid
19.Ferric Chloride is used to stop bleeding.
20.Nitrous Oxide is known as Laughing Gas.

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