I Choose the correct answer: 1.A Political party creates ———- awareness. Political. 2.Bi- party system exists in ———– USA. 3.A party which is recognized as a state party in ——— states is a national party. Four. 4.————— form the backbone Read more


I. Choose the best answer:- 1. The first session of the constituent Assembly was presided Dr.S.P.Sinha. 2. Our constitution came into existence on 26th Jan 1950. 3. The preamble declares India as a ______ country. Democratic. 4. The people of Read more


I. Choose the best answer:- 1. India is the _______largest country in the world Seventh. 2. The constitutions of India came into force on 26 Jan 1950. 3. The supreme court of India is at New Delhi. 4. The National Read more

Women empowerment

1. When Dr. Muthulakshmi was born? 30th – July – 1886 2. Where did she obtain a Medical degree? Madras Medical College 3. Where did she pursue Cancer degree? Royal Cancer in London 4. Where is Cancer Institute situated? Adyar Read more

Local self Government

I. Choose the correct answer 1. Local self Government was introduced by__________ Lord Ripon 2. Union Chairperson is elected by__________ Ward Members II.Fill in the Blanks: 1. The term of office for the Mayor is _______ Five years 2. Every Read more

Village and cities

1. Write any five name of the corporation. § Chennai § Madurai § Coimbatore § Salem § Erode § Vellore 2. Define suburban area. § Villages are located more or less twenty five kms. Away from the cities. § These Read more