6th History


1. How the Aryans migrated to India from Central Asia?

Kyber and bolan passes.

2. What was called Aryavartham?

The place where Aryan settled in India.

3. What is meant by Sapta sindhu?

The land of Seven Rivers.

4. What is family?

The basic unit of society.

5. Who was the head of Jana?

Rajan or King.

6. Name the two Vedic Periods.

  1. Early vedic or Rig vedic period
  2. Later Vedic Period

7. Who was the head of family?


8. Name the 2 assemblies in Rig Vedic Period.

  1. Sabha
  2. Samiti

9. What were the main occupations of the rig Vedic Period?


10. Name any 2 women poets in the Vedic Period.

  1. Abella
  2. Kosa

11. What was the important administration region in the later vedic period?

Indus Valley

12. What was the metal widely used in the later Vedic Period?


13. Who were called Vaishyas?

Farmer, trader

14. What was the important animal of Dravidians?


15. Name the animals worshipped by Aryans?



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