7th Civics


I Choose the correct answer:

1.A Political party creates ———- awareness.


2.Bi- party system exists in ———–


3.A party which is recognized as a state party in ——— states is a national party.


4.————— form the backbone of democracy.

Political parties.

II .Fill in the blanks

1.In a democracy, the citizen is both the ruler and ———


2.Political parties help in forming ———- opinion.


3.political parties serve as a link between the ———- and the government.


4.The country having the larest number of political parties is ——–


5.Large and established parties have unique ———


III. Answer the following question:-

1. Give Abraham Lincolns definition for democracy.

According to Abraham Lincoln:

“Democracy is the government of the people, for the people and by the people”.

2. What is a political party?

A political party is a group of people who come together to contest elections and hold powers in the government.

3. What are the components of a political party?

A political party has three components- A leader, Active members and The Followers.

4. Mention a few characteristics of a political party?

· A political party agrees on important matters of public policy.

· It aims to take part in the struggle for power.

· It Implements its policies and programmes by constitutional means.

· It should have definite aims and objectives.

5. When is a political party recognized as a National party?

A party is recognized as a state party in at least four states is recognized as a National party.

IV. Details

1.Give an account of the functions of political parties in a democratic country.

· Parties contest elections.

· Parties put forward their policies and programmes, before the voters.

· Parties play a decisive role in making laws.

· The party which wins majority in the elections becomes the ruling party and runs the government those parties that lose the majority in the elections from the opposition.

· Parties shape public opinion.

· They raise and highlight issues.

2. What are the three types of party system in the world? Explain with examples.

There are three types of Party system in type world namely,

1. Single party system:

Single party system in which one ruling party is permitted. Eg. USSR

2. Bi-party system.

Two party system in which two major parties exists. Eg.USA, UK.

3. Multi party system.

Multi party system in which there are more than two political parties. Eg. India, Sri Lanka.


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