6th History


I. Choose the correct answer:

1. Which of these help you to know about Indus valley Civilization?

Archaeological evidence

2. Mohenjo – daro means

Mound of Dead

3. Port Lothal of the Copper Stone age is in


4. Harappen civilization was

Civilization of Town

5. The unknown to Indus Valley people


6. Harappa in sindhi means

Buried city

II. Fill in the blanks:

1. The main God of the Harappa was———

Lord Shiva

2. The Excavation of the Indus Valley Civilization was done in ——-


3. The Great Bath is situated at

Mohenjo – Daro

4. ————-was the writing used by Indus Valley people


III. Match the following:

1. Great bath    – Mohenjo – daro

2. Excavation   – 1921

3. Wheel          – pots

4. Terracotta    – Burnt city

5. Punjab         – Ravi

IV. Answer the following:

1. List the occupation of Harappans.

· In the Indus Valley there were agriculturist, artisans, traders, weavers, potters and blacksmiths.

· Agriculture was their maim occupation.

· They cultivated wheat and barley.

2. Write about the Great Bath.

· The most important structure found in the citadel was the Great Bath.

· It was built of kiln-fired bricks and sealed with a lining of bitumen.

· There were steps on both the sides of the pool.

· There were rooms on all the side of the pool for changing clothes.

· It was fed by water from a well and the dirty water was emptied by a huge drain.

3. What are the causes for the decline of the Indus Valley Civilization?

Causes for the decline of the towns:

· Wooden articles would have got destroyed by fire.

· Rivalry because of the civil war.

· Natural calamities and the change in the course of River Indus would have buried things.

· The Aryans would have destroyed these towns in order to succeed.

· The invasion of the foreigners.

4. Explain the writing of the Indus Valley people.

· The terracotta planks discovered here were engraved with letters.

· They were pictographic writing.

· Each page was written from right to left and left to right. · These writing are related to ancient Tamil writing.


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